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  1. Mayfield

    Vitamix FoodCycler

    Wow, that's pretty impressive. I don't know that I would add bones to it either. You could use it and just not put in the carcasses. I'm going to have to do some research now.
  2. Mayfield

    Ham and bean soup

    My wife has ham and bean soup simmering on the stove. It's what is for lunch tomorrow! I am getting so hungry just smelling it. Anyone else a fan of ham and bean soup?
  3. Mayfield

    Fried mashed potatoes

    That certainly sounds interesting. I am not a big fan of leftover potatoes. I love leftover ham and my wife does some amazing things with it. I'm curious how they turned out. Did they scorch?
  4. Mayfield


    Never! I do know some farmers in our local area that thought about it. I don't think it's a good fit for me or our farm. I don't criticize other farmers who think it is right for them.
  5. Mayfield


    We keep our books but we don't do taxes. Keeping our books is pretty easy. We use a computer accounting system. I took several accounting classes in school and college.
  6. Mayfield

    Joint farming

    Pooling would be my choice too. Of course there would have to be some agreement (maybe written) about wear and tear on the equipment. I would not want to share fields or animals.
  7. Mayfield

    Keeping squirrels out of bird feeders

    We just put up a couple of new feeders. We put them under a tree. I'm thinking it was a bad choice as I'm sure that squirrels are getting into the feeders. Where is the safest place to put them in a yard?
  8. Mayfield

    Birds sleep?

    Interesting for sure. I guess you learn something new each day. I figured they slept, I know pet birds do. I just never really noticed that they kind of just disappeared at dusk.
  9. Mayfield

    Potted plants

    I think that is a great idea. My wife went looking today for a potted tulip to give to her mom for Easter. No store had one! She is going to go look tomorrow at a couple of different stores. I wish there were local farms here that had them right now.
  10. Mayfield

    How-to avoid construction machinery

    This is an interesting question. Honestly I don't know how you would know for sure (unless you knew the people you were buying it from). I would hope that the seller would be honest, but you just never know.
  11. Mayfield

    Beautiful weekend!

    Yahoo to getting that big project done. I saw your other post saying you ran out of time before. It's great when the weather breaks and you can knock things off earlier than planned.
  12. Mayfield

    Birds sleep?

    So... I've noticed that we don't get many birds at night (at our feeders). I'm assuming it is because birds sleep. I never did research on this but they have to sleep right? Where and don't they feel threatened?
  13. Mayfield

    Ready for baseball

    I'm ready for baseball too. I love high school baseball too. I can't wait for their season to start here. I also enjoy MLB, I'd love to go to a game this year. I wonder how that is going to work.
  14. Mayfield

    Why Deal With China?

    I agree! I think that the US should figure out something different too. China did us a big disservice during this whole pandemic. I, for one, am not buying any Chinese products.
  15. Mayfield

    Easter dinner

    What do you have for Easter dinner? We make ham and a ton of side dishes. Most people I know serve ham. I wonder why ham became the go to meal for Easter around here.
  16. Mayfield

    Different feeding for different seasons

    Do you feed your livestock different things during different seasons? We tend to feed then more in the winter than the other seasons. I wondered if everyone does the same.
  17. Mayfield

    Covid vaccine

    Yeah, we had our first doses last week. No reaction here either! I've heard the second dose is the one that could cause issues if you have any. I was a bit worried because we both had Covid and I wasn't sure how our bodies would react to the vaccine.
  18. Mayfield

    Local store giving scraps

    Our local grocery store has reached out to us to offer us "scraps". They have brought us produce so far. The pigs love it! Anyone else lucky enough to have this happen?
  19. Mayfield

    Frugal root cellar

    I am pretty sure that would work. I would never have thought about it either. I don't have large appliances laying around though. I agree with the others, be careful of neighborhood kids.
  20. Mayfield

    Thistle or no?

    I just learned that goldfinches aren't gold (yellow) in the winter. I'm not embarrassed to say that. @ shelbii We do buy a specific birdseed for finches and it does have thistle mixed in. My parents have sock feeders and they only put thistle in those. At times, they get 10 finches at one time.