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  1. Jonny B Goode

    Where Are The Scarecrows?

    i have driven cross country recently, and the lack of scarecrows I saw was disheartening. I grew up in the mid-west, near Indianapolis, and they were not scarce. What happened to the scarecrows?
  2. Jonny B Goode

    Goodyear And Soybeans

    By 2040, Goodyear plans on replacing petroleum oil with soybean oil in 4 of its tire brands. This has to be good news for soybean growers. I'm seriously thinking about switching tire brands to support the company. Story
  3. Jonny B Goode

    Getting Around The Property

    For those of you with a large spread of land, what do you use to get around? The pickup? A Polaris? Maybe just a golf cart? I'm interested in other people's ideas.
  4. Jonny B Goode

    Why Deal With China?

    Does anyone here know if the U.S. is so dependent on food crop imports and exports to and from China that we cannot stop dealing with them? If anything, find a suitable country as an alternative? The Covid crisis should have shown everyone how dangerous it is to deal with a country that does not...
  5. Jonny B Goode

    A Trade Disruption?

    Sports and schools are closing because of COVID-19. We have to order toilet paper from Amazon if we need any, and people are generally in freak out mode right now causing the stock market to darned near crash. I hear they even stopped expeditions on Mt. Everest for pete's sake. But what about...
  6. Jonny B Goode

    If You Feel Like You Took On Too Much.......

    ............Give this a listen. So God Made A Farmer Found this on You Tube a few days ago and thought I would share it with everyone here. The late, great Paul Harvey narrates this tribute that everyone should listen to at least once.
  7. Jonny B Goode


    Tax time is right around the corner. Spring break for the kids is in full swing in much of the country. The bills keep coming, the revenues seem to be decreasing and the damn weather just doesn't want to cooperate. These are just a few of the problems we face, and sometimes......when it rains...
  8. Jonny B Goode

    Land That Crosses State Lines

    How much of a problem do you think it would impose? Say you have 100 acres that you grow corn on and 30 of it is in anther state?
  9. Jonny B Goode

    Climate Change And Global Warming

    So, everyone here who wants to chime in...….what is your personal definition of either or both terms? We hear so much about them but without any clear definitions.
  10. Jonny B Goode

    The China Issue

    What would happen if the Corona virus becomes such an issue in China that the agriculture portion of their business and economy could no longer function on a global scale? What do you think the worst case scenario would look like?
  11. Jonny B Goode

    Small Town America

    Does anyone here feel that the small towns in America are slowly dying off? This recently has been John Mellencamp's reason for endorsing Michael Bloomberg. I never really saw this in my experiences, so has anyone here seen this?
  12. Jonny B Goode

    Foreign Investors

    Does anyone think this will pose a problem in years to come? I know states all have their own laws and regulations when it comes to foreign investors and farmland, but do you think the rules are strict enough in order to keep this money "in-house"?
  13. Jonny B Goode

    Test Your Water Periodically

    During the winter months, a lot of farmers have down time they use to mend fences, do upkeep on their structures, take inventory of what they have, etc.... So don't forget that this is also a good time to test your water for contaminants. Most local extension offices do this as well as other...
  14. Jonny B Goode

    Garage Expenses

    How much money do you think you have dropped on tools and related items since you have been in this career? I've got my eye on a $1,000 rolling tool chest by Craftsman, hoping it will be last tool related expense for at least a year.
  15. Jonny B Goode

    Deere Is Downsizing

    Happy New Year everyone! John Deere has announced that it will be downsizing its workforce to match the lowering of its profits. Again. This seems to have been a recurring theme throughout the year, so one has to wonder....are they hanging on to a sinking ship?
  16. Jonny B Goode

    Implements Let's Talk Generators

    I don't know if one could call a generator an implement, but with the winter months setting in I was just curious as to how big of a generator other members have. Do you also have more than one?
  17. Jonny B Goode

    Thoughts On Monsanto

    What is everyone's opinion on Monsanto? Are they the corporate monster that just barreled their way into the industry and took what they wanted? Or have they been beneficial to the industry?
  18. Jonny B Goode

    Auction Auctions Need To Make A Comeback

    This topic seems fitting seeing how no one has come here for 5 years. :) There are quite a few small town scattered across the U.S. that might benefit from an auction house opening shop. It brings people together, builds a sense of community, they can get goods for a fair price and it might...