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  1. More Green

    Can Plants "Talk" To Each Other?

    I have heard news stories about this in the recent past, but I still can't wrap my head around it. I would like to believe they can, but how? I'm just not understanding that part.
  2. More Green

    Learning From The Past

    Whether you are new to farming or an old hand, we can all learn something from the past. To learn about the Anasazi people, for example, is to learn how to sustain yourself under harsher than normal conditions. Anasazi Past What have you picked up along the way to help in your farming...
  3. More Green

    Set Prices

    So...........why can't farmers set their own price for their own crops? They are manufacturing something consumers either want or need, but they cannot determine the price by which they can sell their product. Coca-Cola does the same thing, but they determine whether a can of Coke cost 10c or 1...
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    Layer Up?

    Baby , it's cold outside! Long johns, work jeans, a typical undershirt, a t-shirt, a long sleeved shirt, a sweatshirt and then a coat. This is me layering up for the outside chores at 7 in the morning. What about you?
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    Politics Over The Virus

    I know what happened in D.C. on the 6th was historic and should have taken front and center in the news, so I'm glad it did. But even before that, it seems the news focuses more on the election than the continuing Covid crisis. It's getting worse and no one in the media takes it as seriously as...
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    Good Reading Material

    Can anyone recommend a good book that is set in the country? Fiction depicting rural living? I'm in the mood for a good book right now.
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    Solar For The Barn, People. Let's Do This

    We see solar panels on houses more and more, but what about the barn? i have cousins who run a small dairy operation in Iowa and I think solar panels would be perfect for that sort of thing. I'm trying to convince them.
  8. More Green

    Where's The Beef?

    I was hearing some commentary on the radio yesterday that was heartening. Meat prices are higher than usual, but this is temporary. For awhile, farmers had to destroy beef because the restaurants they served were not open. Processing plants were closed because of Covid-19. All of this has raised...
  9. More Green

    How Low Can They Go?

    It is not hard at all for me to find gas for $1.91 a gallon these days. I'm loving this. The prices have been dropping steadily for about 2 months now and I have to wonder, what is the lowest it is going to get? .50c?
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    What Is It About Cabbage?

    Those things are heavy feeders I know, but I don't know why. Anybody here know? It's kind of a pain knowing that one grow is taking more out of the soil than the others.
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    Do you want to diversify your farming operation? Aquaculture is something worth looking into. Profits are steady all across the country, meaning that demand is not waning. Do you know anyone who for example...
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    Turning Crop Acreage Into Pasture Acreage

    Has anyone here done this conversion? If so, how did it work out for you? Many people have told me that making money off of grazing land is a lot less volatile, less monetary risk if you will, than growing crops and people new to this industry would much rather go the grazing route.
  13. More Green

    VR As An Aide To Farming?

    Do you think virtual reality technology could be beneficial to farming? Whether you want to learn more about it, or expand on what you're already doing?
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    Cancers Can Be Food Borne Allergies

    Pancreatic cancer for example is caused by, among other factors, abnormal sugar levels. One could make the argument then that the pancreas is allergic to too much sugar. Much the same way that a liver is "allergic" to too much alcohol. The allergic reaction being the eventual failure of the...
  15. More Green

    Clearing This Land

    What would be the best way to clear this patch of land I have? From the pictures, you can see how some of it slopes. This part of the land especially, the dirt is loose.......meaning it is very soft to walk on and we haven't had substantial rain for a few months. It's always like that. The dirt...
  16. More Green

    Comps From Work

    I have a friend who runs a tanker truck company that services the major dairy operations in my area. Periodically, he will receive comps from companies like Cushman Wakefield, Snap-On, Black and Decker and the like. Things like hose clamps, air compressors and shop lights are a few examples. If...