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  1. Desi

    RIP to My Tundra

    Wow! 370 thousand miles! That is impressive for sure. I had a car that had 200 thousand miles on it. My parents had a jeep that had over 200 thousand miles.
  2. Desi

    Tractor pull

    We go to tractor pulls every year but I have never pulled in one. I've got a cousin who pulls. He loves it! Good luck!! I'm sure you will do great.
  3. Desi

    Back to school?

    They are still on the hybrid schedule here. Some schools in our area are back full time. The kids are ready! I know mine are ready!
  4. Desi

    No bees. You?

    Come to think of it, I haven't seen any either. We did catch a couple of the camera but haven't had any circling around me outside. Haven't been bothered by gnats either.
  5. Desi

    Rain and more rain

    It has been rainy here too and I'm tired of it. Beautiful today and supposed to rain tomorrow through Thursday morning. I know we need the rain but it would be nice to go outside and not get wet.
  6. Desi

    Coon or bear...

    I woke up this morning to all of my birdhouses and suet feeders messed with. Two suet feeders were torn off the porch, opened and the suet was gone. Whatever animal this was bent my double Sheppard hook right down to the ground. The bird feeders were still on the hooks full of birdseed. Whatever...
  7. Desi

    Planted flowers

    This weekend we have planted rows and rows of flowers! We are going to try to sell some this summer. I really hope they grow beautiful. We did some bulbs and some seeds.
  8. Desi

    Dewalt zero-turn

    I didn't know Dewalt made a lawnmower. Interesting though, for sure. We have a lot of their power tools. We've always had great luck with them. We are in the market for a new mower, will look into this.
  9. Desi

    Set Prices

    I can see it both ways. I agree with both of you too. It would be nice to set our own prices, I do believe that some do (for certain things). We set the price for our beef.
  10. Desi

    Keeping small critters out

    Wait, why would you cover with chicken wire? How would the crops grow up through the wire? I am putting in some raised beds this year. I'm hoping it helps keep the critters out.
  11. Desi

    Planted apple and a pear tree

    We planted dwarf fruit trees three years ago. We haven't had any luck with fruit so far. I am thinking that this year might be the winner. We did plant multiples because you need at least two.
  12. Desi

    Kids and vaccine?

    I think it is only people over 16. I think they are working towards producing something for younger children too. I wouldn't get it either, you don't know about fertility issues or anything else.
  13. Desi


    What in the world? So what is the point of owning something you can't hold? I'm going to have to do some digging on this one. I've got a great financial mind but this is new to me.
  14. Desi

    Free range or coop

    My neighbor just got some chickens. The problem is he is going to let them be free range chickens. I've got a feeling that he is going to lose most of those chickens. My dogs won't go on his land but I'm sure the chickens will come on mine.
  15. Desi

    Orders already picking up

    I agree baloyi. I know we are stocking up already on things. I've already seen another toilet paper shortage. I don't blame people for trying to secure meat prior to running out.
  16. Desi

    Boiler issues

    Oh no, that doesn't sound good. I hope they can figure it out. If neither of you have any knowledge about boilers I would think it would be cheaper and quicker to have a professional look at it.
  17. Desi

    Taco dip

    This is one of my favorites, I also love a 7-layer dip. I do use hamburg too. I don't think the dip with the taco seasoning added to the cream cheese should be called taco dip. Taco dip has burger in it.
  18. Desi

    Renting land

    We rent land from our neighbors. It's great because they wouldn't use the land and it's so close to home. I see nothing wrong with renting land if you can find it.
  19. Desi

    Wild flower beds

    We help other people with their flower beds. Ours are beautiful. One of our neighbors asked us to help them plan and then plant and take care of their beds. I'm excited because we thought about offering this service for a fee in the future. I've been working with them for a week now, planning...
  20. Desi

    Anyone watching NFL

    So far all the games have been close. Did you see Heineke play from Washington? He was fantastic! I can't wait for the late game tonight! I sure hope Ben is Ben and we win.