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  1. Gordyg

    RIP to My Tundra

    Miss Sally sounds pretty impressive for sure. You certainly got your money (and then some) out of her. Honestly I haven't ever had a vehicle for even near that long. I usually trade or retire them before they hit 200,000 miles.
  2. Gordyg

    Another not so local winery

    I don't mind that they want to be involved. To me it shows they are interested and committed to our business relationship. If the field was already planted, they wouldn't have a say. I'm excited for the new business.
  3. Gordyg

    Salads... favorite

    We talked about soups in the winter, what about salads. What is your favorite? What do you put in it. I make a mean potato salad. My wife cooks almost everything else!
  4. Gordyg

    To mask or not

    I, for one, would love to stop wearing my mask. I don't want it to be the new normal. I do struggle breathing when I'm wearing one. I have bad allergies and my nose is plugged often. I do hope that we can stop wearing them soon.
  5. Gordyg

    Buying technology vs. upgrading machinery?

    I'll bite, tell me more please. What kind of technology would we buy that would help replace equipment? Or should I say do better than new equipment? I'm always trying to learn new things.
  6. Gordyg

    Another not so local winery

    I'm pretty excited! We've picked up the business of another not so local winery. They heard we bought more fields and reached out to us. They want to have some input into which variety of grapes we plant. It's like a partnership of sorts.
  7. Gordyg

    Rain and more rain

    It has been a soggy mess here for about a week. I love the rain and it is helping the soil in our communal garden. Anyone else getting a lot of rain?
  8. Gordyg

    Lower Lumber Price?

    We have been watching the prices for over a year. I think they will continue to rise for a while. The price of gas is getting crazy high here and that drives up the price of everything! Gas prices will continue to rise because the pipeline business is getting a kick in the pants from our Government!
  9. Gordyg

    Brush like apparatus

    Very interesting, it is the first time I noticed it. I have been paying more attention to local farms since I joined this group. I'm going to keep my eyes open to see if other farms have them too.
  10. Gordyg

    Keeping small critters out

    @RichZ - that makes sense now. A fence around the garden plot. We have a large garden and have the same issues. Maybe we should switch to chicken wire. The varmints still get in through our fence.
  11. Gordyg

    Duck Kidnapping

    What! No, this is the first I have heard of it. I don't have farm animals but I would be protecting them if I did. What in the world are people doing, stealing ducks!
  12. Gordyg

    USDA Invests $21.7M in Research Innovations to Improve Soil Health and Climate Smart Agriculture and Forestry

    Sweet! I will definitely look into this! I think all of us crop farmers should look into anything new coming out (that helps us). It's nice to see that there are more grants/monies being available for farming.
  13. Gordyg

    ATV mess!

    Oh that is horrible! People just have no respect for other people's property. I would definitely put up cameras just in case this happens again. At least you would know where to go to deal with the damage.
  14. Gordyg

    Brush like apparatus

    I was driving by a farm this morning and I saw a cow rubbing his back on this round brush like apparatus. It was attached to the outside of the barn. Is this a normal thing to have?
  15. Gordyg

    Got Any Firearms?

    I've been a hunter for years so I do have guns. I've got shotguns and pistols. I have a couple of 9mm and a 457 pistol. I don't like AR-57 rifles either. I have no use for these.
  16. Gordyg

    Started new fields of grapes

    We have several fields and yes we have workers too. There is too much work to be done by just us. We have the new field all ready to go. We put up the new fencing last weekend.
  17. Gordyg

    Auction versus private owned

    I love auctions too. We go to two big tool/equipment auctions each year. We also go to a flower/plant auction in the spring. I see nothing wrong with buying items at either.
  18. Gordyg

    New field update

    We are letting people have their own section and we also have a big section for anyone. We are kind of new to this so we will see how it goes. It's kind of like we are giving back to our community.
  19. Gordyg

    Crazy cows

    Ha.. that makes sense. Yes, when I drove by yesterday the cows were out in the pasture. They seemed a lot happier. I bet they were stir crazy, just like us.
  20. Gordyg

    Getting Around The Property

    We use trucks but it's because our fields are spread apart and we need the big boxes on the back to transport the grapes back to the farm. We do have a couple of 4-wheelers and we are buying a new side by side this spring.