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  1. Desi

    Coon or bear...

    I woke up this morning to all of my birdhouses and suet feeders messed with. Two suet feeders were torn off the porch, opened and the suet was gone. Whatever animal this was bent my double Sheppard hook right down to the ground. The bird feeders were still on the hooks full of birdseed. Whatever...
  2. Desi

    Planted flowers

    This weekend we have planted rows and rows of flowers! We are going to try to sell some this summer. I really hope they grow beautiful. We did some bulbs and some seeds.
  3. Desi

    Free range or coop

    My neighbor just got some chickens. The problem is he is going to let them be free range chickens. I've got a feeling that he is going to lose most of those chickens. My dogs won't go on his land but I'm sure the chickens will come on mine.
  4. Desi

    Wild flower beds

    We help other people with their flower beds. Ours are beautiful. One of our neighbors asked us to help them plan and then plant and take care of their beds. I'm excited because we thought about offering this service for a fee in the future. I've been working with them for a week now, planning...
  5. Desi

    Loans, easy or hard?

    Right now in this economy, is it easier or harder to get a loan? We passed up on one last year but we could use one now (to buy a large piece of farm equipment). I hope it's still available and that the economy hasn't crumbled too much.
  6. Desi

    Wreaths across America

    Anyone involved in this program? We donated 5 wreaths towards this. That is the reason that we got involved in making them this year. We went down and laid several wreaths at the local VA cemetery.
  7. Desi

    Best winter chore gloves

    My husband is always rubbing his hands and I know they hurt. He won't complain but I know he could use some better winter gloves. What are you wearing? They have to be able to allow him to do chores at the farm.
  8. Desi


    My daughter and I threw our hat into making wreaths this year. We have a farmer friend that sells trees. He is giving us the scraps and cuttings for free. It's been quite the adventure so far.
  9. Desi

    Macy's Day Parade

    Wow! This was sure different this year but I'm glad they still had it. Anyone watch it? Thoughts on it? It wasn't the same feeling but it was good still (in my opinion).
  10. Desi

    Almost time for snowplow

    My husband and I were just talking about winterizing. During this process we put the snow plow blades on. Do you do this before the first snowfall or wait? What are you using to plow?
  11. Desi

    Vegetable gardens - winter

    What do you do to your vegetable gardens to get them ready for winter? Do you pull out all the plants? If you leave them in, why? We usually start composting late fall and go throughout the winter.
  12. Desi

    Cutting down the corn

    Why wouldn't everyone have cut down their corn yet? Why do people not pick the ears but let them completely dry out on the stalks? Some other farmers in our area still have fields of dried out corn.
  13. Desi

    Cost of lumber

    I am the only one noticing this, the cost has skyrocketed. Every piece of lumber that we have needed has doubled in price. I'm wondering if it's just here or everywhere?
  14. Desi

    Did you get a frost?

    I woke up this morning to a frost! I would have covered my garden and flowers if I knew it was going to get that cold overnight. Anyone else get a frost?
  15. Desi

    Chili cookoff

    I'm entering a chili cookoff this weekend. It's my first one ever and I'm excited! Anyone ever enter one and win? I would like to be a tester but at least I get to try others after the competition.
  16. Desi

    Barn cats

    We had a barn cat show up last night. She looks to be pregnant. Of course we are going to keep her. Is there anything I need to do special because she is pregnant?
  17. Desi

    Dewalt, Rigid, Craftsman - what?

    I was looking to buy a Dual Bevel Compound Sliding Mitre Saw. Holy smokes are there a lot of brands! Anyone have a particular brand for power tools? I am learning towards the Dewalt, only because I like the stand better than the others.
  18. Desi

    Manual or digital gears

    Been looking at 4-wheelers (used) and found two Honda Foreman's. One is manual shift (on the foot pedal) other is digital (switch gears with your hand). Pros and cons for each? I'm thinking digital could have more problems and honestly things I can't fix. I could fix manual gears!
  19. Desi

    Ladies, boot ideas?

    I've been through so many boots over the past couple of years. What are you ladies buying? How long do they last? I usually just buy them at Tractor Supply.
  20. Desi

    Pickling cukes versus regular cukes

    We are thinking about planting pickling cucumbers this year. Question is, what happens if you don't pick them when they are small? Do they get really seedy?