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  1. More Green

    Can Plants "Talk" To Each Other?

    I have heard news stories about this in the recent past, but I still can't wrap my head around it. I would like to believe they can, but how? I'm just not understanding that part.
  2. More Green

    Rain and more rain

    Dry as a bone out here. When drought conditions are common, you improvise as much as you can. I do love the rain though. The smell is the best.
  3. More Green

    Another not so local winery

    That's what it's all about. Share what you can, and politely decline if they ask you about proprietary matters. You don't share company secrets. You sell them.
  4. More Green

    Coon or bear...

    Time to unpack your tracking skills.If you don't make their life difficult more sooner than later, whatever it was will come back. Let them know whose property that is.
  5. More Green

    Learning From The Past

    Whether you are new to farming or an old hand, we can all learn something from the past. To learn about the Anasazi people, for example, is to learn how to sustain yourself under harsher than normal conditions. Anasazi Past What have you picked up along the way to help in your farming...
  6. More Green

    On Earth Day, USDA Invests $487 Million in Rural Water, Energy, and Biofuel Infrastructure

    I have yet to see a story like this on national news outlets. This is a very important part of our country and gets zero press. It's a darned shame. I didn't see anything about our neighbors on native lands. They need help as well.
  7. More Green

    What is your corn?

    Yes, field corn is everywhere. Most edible corn I see is grown on a patch of someone's backyard. I have no idea what kind it is, but corn on the cob has always been my favorite side dish
  8. More Green

    The frequency of soil testing

    It depends on the fertilizer and mineral composition of the soil. Typically, it doesn't happen if you do tests beforehand to see what the composition is and which fertilizer is best for it.
  9. More Green

    Set Prices

    So...........why can't farmers set their own price for their own crops? They are manufacturing something consumers either want or need, but they cannot determine the price by which they can sell their product. Coca-Cola does the same thing, but they determine whether a can of Coke cost 10c or 1...
  10. More Green

    Goodyear And Soybeans

    Could be any number of things from demand going down to the set price affecting crop size. It will be interesting to see what the powers-that-be do to the soybean industry because of this move.
  11. More Green

    Keeping small critters out

    Get raised garden beds. You can always fasten tacks or something on the legs to discourage the little critters. A waist-high bed would be preferable. No bending and no critters.
  12. More Green

    Kids and vaccine?

    I wouldn't bother with that. If 70% or so of adults are vaccinated or immune, it's rather pointless to get a child vaccinated. They don't need it.
  13. More Green

    Life Span of Riding Mower

    If you buy John Deere, you won't have to worry about fixing it yourself. They'll be more than happy to do it for you. LOL But no, riding mowers should last more than a few years with regular maintenance. Major brands, at least.
  14. More Green

    Anyone get the vaccine?

    One dose of Moderna with the second coming next week. Just a little sore in the "shot spot", but that's it. I feel just fine.
  15. More Green

    ATV mess!

    You bet, install those cameras. And signs. Post signs saying "Private Property.....No Trespassing, etc.... to make it more illegal when kids do something like that.
  16. More Green

    Neighbor's geese chasing my goats

    This is why they should be called "Human Control Officers". LOL Nothing shapes up an owner quicker than having someone threaten to take their animals away.
  17. More Green

    Layer Up?

    Baby , it's cold outside! Long johns, work jeans, a typical undershirt, a t-shirt, a long sleeved shirt, a sweatshirt and then a coat. This is me layering up for the outside chores at 7 in the morning. What about you?
  18. More Green

    Setting up online orders

    Good luck!. I see this as a good way to streamline operations. Being online in this regard saves a lot of time, especially the online payment part of everything.
  19. More Green

    Busy time at work

    We all do the best we can in this regard. As long as I do that, I don't feel stressed. Don't beat yourself up so much friend, just do your best.
  20. More Green

    Question about COVID-19 spread

    If you practice social distancing though, spread on clothing will minimize the possibility of a spread even more. I think the bottom line here may be that there is no keeping away from it 100%. Mitigating the possibilities of spread is the best we can do until more and more people get vaccinated.