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  1. Gordyg

    Salads... favorite

    We talked about soups in the winter, what about salads. What is your favorite? What do you put in it. I make a mean potato salad. My wife cooks almost everything else!
  2. Gordyg

    Another not so local winery

    I'm pretty excited! We've picked up the business of another not so local winery. They heard we bought more fields and reached out to us. They want to have some input into which variety of grapes we plant. It's like a partnership of sorts.
  3. Gordyg

    Rain and more rain

    It has been a soggy mess here for about a week. I love the rain and it is helping the soil in our communal garden. Anyone else getting a lot of rain?
  4. Gordyg

    Brush like apparatus

    I was driving by a farm this morning and I saw a cow rubbing his back on this round brush like apparatus. It was attached to the outside of the barn. Is this a normal thing to have?
  5. Gordyg

    New field update

    We worked the new-to-us field this past week. We dug out a bunch of rocks, tilled it up and grabbed some soil samples. This is the field that we are going to try to do a town community garden in. We had a lot of help for the local people. It was great to see the kids out there too.
  6. Gordyg

    Beautiful weekend!

    We had a great weather week and weekend last week (bit cold again this week). We were able to get out to the vines that weren't pruned properly last fall. We got most of them done and they are looking good! I'm so thankful, it was stressing me out.
  7. Gordyg

    Crazy cows

    I'm not a cattle farmer but I have a question. We drove by this neighboring farm three days in a row. The cows are kept in a barn (it's not totally enclosed) with the bottom of the walls open. I get that it is protection from the elements (gets cold here). A few of the cows were going "crazy"...
  8. Gordyg

    Corned beef

    Are you Irish? Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day? If you do what is your meal? We always have corned beef and cabbage with carrots and rolls. It's the one day of the year that we do eat this.
  9. Gordyg

    Going to put in vegetables too

    My wife is crazy! Not only we buy a couple of new fields with a lot of work to be done, she wants to plant more vegetables. She thinks we have time to run a farmers market. It's true, we can hire some help but I think we should wait one year. I think we should get our new field of grapes going...
  10. Gordyg

    Not enough pruning

    I went and looked at a field and realized that our vines weren't pruned enough. We are going to have our hands full come spring. If we don't prune them more, the leaves will be too shady and our grapes won't ripen enough!
  11. Gordyg

    Communal garden help

    We have decided to use one of our newly acquired fields as a communal garden. We want to invite some city folk in to help and take group ownership with us. How would you go about this? I think they should help right from the beginning.
  12. Gordyg

    Going to start making wine!

    Does anyone here make wine? We have been in the business of selling our grapes to wineries but decided that we would give it a shot of making some. Of course this will be for personal consumption with the hopes of getting bigger. We are hoping to open a business for wine tasting and selling our...
  13. Gordyg

    Started new fields of grapes

    I've got some pretty exciting news. We are adding on to our "farm". We just bought some new fields (old vineyards that were left alone for too many years). They are a mess right now but we are in the planning phase. Plus we are getting our new trellis ordered and deciding which variety to plant...
  14. Gordyg

    Any other viticulturists?

    Are there any other grape farmers here? I've worked for a vineyard since I was 12. I bought one last year! Let's just say that 2020 was a tough year, but it was a good year.