Adding sheep to cattle operation

The Big Cowhuna

Farm Hand
I have some livestock for family use and to sell here and there, but my main operation is running a cattle ranch. I do pretty good, but this coronavirus has me very nervous and I'm thinking about adding a flock of sheep to my herd of cattle which will include multi-species grazing. I know this can work out well and I have the land to do it. My question is, which type of sheep is the best to go with? I won't be able to sell the lambs for meat, just like my calves aren't sold for meat (veal),is sheep farming still profitable without that? I 'm not looking to feed and house a bunch of sheep unless it's profitable.


Farm Hand
If I remember correctly, you're kind of a boutique meat guy. People pay more because your cattle are treated right. Do you think you have a strong enough market for boutique wool? Because that's essentially what you'll end up with to sell. American's don't generally eat a lot of mutton or drink a bunch of sheep's milk, so wool it is.


Golden Chicken
I won't sell my lambs for meat either, so that just left wool as an income from the sheep. I never got much for fleeces, my sheep were basically pets. The most I got for fleeces were from Marino sheep.