Bilateral free trade agreements key to expansion of Canadian pork exports


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Harry Siemens / Farmscape ? Increased pork exports will depend on developing and signing new bilateral free trade agreements says Arian de Bekker of Winkler, and a member of Canada Pork International?s Board of Directors.Addressing the annual meeting of the Manitoba Pork Council recently, de Bekker said in 1990 Canada exported 711 million dollars worth of pork. That number increased to 3.2 billion dollars in 2011, after the industry formed Canada Pork International in 1991.

de Bekker says two thirds of the pork exported out of Canada in 1990 went to the U.S. but today Canadian pork goes to 41 countries.

?Markets that we?re focusing on at this point are, of course South Korea is a very important country, Japan is an enormous market, China, we?ve got the Mercosur countries, South American countries, there?s some really interesting markets out there out as well,? he says. ?South Korea is of extreme importance to the Canadian pork industry. A problem that we have today is that we don?t have access to a free trade agreement.?