Charity auctions

I've found some useful tools, products, and equipment at a great price on a couple of charity auction sites. Over the years I've bid on and won raised garden beds, a self-propelled lawn mower, a watering system, and more. Sometimes you need to live within a certain amount of miles to bid on the item, and sometimes the owner is happy to mail it anywhere. I save money while supporting charity so it's win-win. My favorite site at the moment is Have you found any useful online auctions that support charity?

Kyle M

I'm into buying land and I don't know of any auctions that would give the proceeds of a sale like that to charity. It would be nice if someone did though.


I've heard of these sites before, but I haven't personally been to them to bid on items. I'm going to check out the one you shared. I love finding things at a cheaper price, and if the funds go to a good cause, that's even better.