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Hi good readers fellow farmers. This is Alpo Komulainen namely retirement farmer man from village Ontojoki town Sotkamo in Finland. My concern is a humble. I was diagnosed early on my days as paranoid scizophrenia because they blamed I burned a sauna. Ever since my days as Alpo have been very difficult. Troubles everyday here at farm where I stay just me alone. Can you people please tell me how can I heal from this permanently because I just burned little building. As retired biology teacher I find the attitude towards me disgusting. Thank you for advice already. You can visit me here at farm anytime you want but not on Sunday because it is a holiday to talk with a cup of tea about the situation


Alpo Komulainen
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Forgive yourself for doing what you did that upset people. Stop thinking about it and focus on the positive things in your life. The only way to move on is to start walking forward.


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I agree, you have to move forward. Every positive thing you do is a step forward. We can't change the past but we can fix it. Good luck, my friend!