Growing Everything You Eat


Have you all ever tried to grow all of your own food? We grow crops on our farm, but we certainly don't grow everything we eat. I just read a story about a man who grew everything he ate for an entire year! What a cool accomplishment. I wonder if he will continue to do this or if it was just an experiment for him to see if he could actually do it or not.
I would love to read about it if you care to share the article. I think it's a neat idea and it would be fun to try. I just never thought about it before. I live in Texas and it stays pretty warm. We could also add a greenhouse, I suppose. Still, orange trees likely wouldn't flourish and oranges would be tough to give up.


That is so inspirational. I would love to read the article as well. I'm not sure I could personally do it, but I would like to grow more of what we eat around here.

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Wow, I cannot even imagine! That's very inspiring. I'm not sure I could do this myself, but I would like to add to our produce garden - the one we have out back to use in our own home.