Let's Talk Generators

I don't know if one could call a generator an implement, but with the winter months setting in I was just curious as to how big of a generator other members have. Do you also have more than one?
Yes, definitely. The plants in the greenhouse would suffer greatly without the exhaust fans running and my hydro farm would falter without a running CO2 generator. Although I don't often use the heat, I like having the option for that as well. In California we have to use a CARB compliant generator so they probably cost a little extra, but it's a must when planned power outages aren't uncommon. As such, we have a Generac standby generator that powers the house (though not every little thing) and greenhouses. We use portable solar powered generators as well, but mostly for smaller stuff.


We have two generator's but they are old. We are looking into buying a few new ones this year. I saw a couple of them on sale on Black Friday. I'm not sure what brand we are going to buy.