Row crop Tractor:120-220HP

Farm Size
20000 square meter
This is our tractors:

Match three engines, 120-220 horsepower domestic famous countries emissions upgrades, low fuel consumption, large torque backup, power strong.

Double acting clutch, 16+16 helical gears, front axle, flat floor, side mounted gear, climbing gear, suitable gear.

Standard strong rise crushes the outer cylinder lifter, large lifting force, improve speed, higher reliability.

The power output is 760/1000 r/min, 760/850 r/min, and the installation is 540/1000 r/min to meet the requirement of agricultural machinery and tools speed.

The appearance design exerts the movement esthetics, innovates the esthetics concept and the fashion streamlines appearance design idea ingenious union, causes the appearance to manifest the relaxed atmosphere fan.

the fully enclosed cab should make reasonable use of the principle of human mechanics. The position of the steering wheel and seat can be adjusted according to the driver's body shape.

With a 7-inch LED instrument panel, the data display is clearer and equipped with an air conditioner, warm air and sound system in the inner room to provide a comfortable driving experience for drivers.