Sell Refined Sunflower Oil




We are Large sales of palm oil in the Malaysia, sales of bulk oil is our favorite trading and have been in the palm oil trading for the past some year now.

We have spent many years in screening out high yielding Germplasm of Jatropha curcas and other oil. We are making biodiesel at our plant based in China. You can source following items from Best Option. Sesame Oil Corn Oil, Rapeseed Oi,l Canola Oil, Vegetable oil, Soyabean Oil,
Sunflower oil, Jatropha Oil, Palm Oil, Crude Palm Oil, Cooking Oil ,Cooking Oil Grapeseed Oil, Virgin coconut Oil, Biodiesel Castor Oil, Kapop Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil. We can also involve in research activities with your organization. We have developed a Knowledge network on Oil and Biodiesel.

Please contact the sales manager.
Name: Gilbert Woo.

Soya bean Oil for ....$450usd Per Metric ton

Sunflower oil for ...$480usd Per Metric ton

Corn Oil for .........$380usd Per Metric ton

RBD Palm Oil for ......$360usd Per Metric ton

Vegetable Oil for ....$400usd Per Metric ton

Sessame Oil for......$240usd Per Metric ton

Jatropha Oil for .....$500usd Per Metric ton

Do contact Mr Gilbert Woo.