Standing Water Trouble


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We've purchased a property where we've discovered we are unfortunately the lower property in the area. As a result, we're trying to decide what a proper plan of action should be to remediate it. Drain tiles are a must I would think because the idea is not to get rid of the water, but to manage it through instead of letting it pool. Thankfully, we're a small hobby farm of only 5 acres, but has anyone else dealt with this in their fields? What are some of the things that you've done? Raise the land? Thanks for the tips, I appreciate it.


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Lots of possibilities here if you want to post some pictures and more information I'm sure we could get specific. Generally speaking a drainage ditch is your first and maybe most logical solution and that means to me the possibility of a lot of grading and the ditch could be more of a channel. You want to stop the water from flowing into your house building or shed etc. Borrow a dozer and have some fun.