Upgrade or update...my pickup truck debate


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So, heres the debate.

I have a 2012 Silverado 1500. Ultra low miles, was my old mans truck and passed down when he passed a few years ago.

Its paid off, clean as new (still has some plastic on dash) and if course holds sentimental value.

It also is as basic as you can get (w/t edition),2WD and lacks ANY modern creature comfort aside from AC.

Now I thought - just upgrade to my dream truck...but my cheapness is fighting back.

Now I'm thinking - "upgrade" - change out radio for something modern (pro upgrade to look like factory or at least custom...not some walmart kit) possibly change out seats for leather, spray in bedliner and swap the running boards for something sportier.

Working on cost, but figure 5k.

Upgrade to a 2020 4wd would cost 35-40k, and Id get 10k for mine as is.

Thoughts...yes, Id still be missing out on alot of new stuff and 4WD...but seems like keeping the memory is bigger.

Also thought of doing a Big 10 conversion on it one day....maybe that day is here finally.

Norm W

Farm Hand
I don't know where you are located but if you aren't in the rust belt keep the truck. Do you really need 4wd? I've plowed snow with 2wd i/2 ton and a 6.5' plow. Will it be $30K better than what you have? It's a truck, run it till the wheels fall off.


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Can't get home without 4wd 6 months of the year. Driving a 3rd owner 1995 F250 XLT 4x4 Powerstroke Auto. 130,000 miles and paid for. Might get a limited slip rear end some day but otherwise it does the job and I can repair it without a PHD. Just imagine, I have to use a key to unlock the doors.