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What do you guys like to do on the weekends? I grew up having lazy Sundays where we went to church, came home, and just plain rested. We played board games and watched movies as a family, but we didn't do any work. I didn't grow up with livestock or other animals that needed care though. I sometimes miss those lazy Sundays.


Bean Stalker
Before I retire Sunday was the day I hope to get things done I didn't on Saturday,now mostly putter day.

Petal to the Metal

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I don't take as many days to rest as my parents and grandparents did. I never really gave that much thought until now. I need to try incorporating some lazy Sundays in our schedule so my kids can feel like they get a true break. It sounds like you have fond memories of those days, @Urban Homestead

@Wildlife, yep, my Sundays are my catching up days.

Almost Eden

Farm Hand
The shop is usually busy on Saturdays, so I always work then. On Sundays, I do a lot of cleaning in the shop and I prepare the shop and make new flower arrangements for Monday and Tuesday. I'm grateful for the influx of money during these chaotic times, so I'm not about to complain that I have to work on the weekends.


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If you have a retail store, the weekends are your busiest time. My wife and I used to have an antiques shop. 90% of our business was on the weekends, and we didn't complain about that.

If you're a dairy farmer, there are really no weekends. When I had a dairy goat farm, I had to milk my goats 24/7. At least I didn't work my day job on weekends, so I could do more farm chores and run errands on weekend.


Farm Hand
On Sundays we visit family. They come here or we go there. We put football on this time of year and watch. We also catch up on cleaning and Sunday night we get things ready for the week.