What you need to know about the third-generation iPad (FAQ)


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CNET answers readers' burning questions about Apple's new iPad, set to debut March 16.

(Credit: Apple)

Apple debuted its third-generation Apple iPad yesterday, and many CNET readers still have some unanswered questions about the device.

The new tablet is set to hit store shelves on March 16. Apple has already outlined the basic new specs of the device. But there is still some confusion around what some of these new features are and how they can be used.

In this FAQ, CNET answers some of these questions and provides a basic primer on what Apple is calling simply, the new iPad. If you've got more questions regarding the third-generation iPad, let us know and we will update the FAQ.

What's different about the new iPad compared to the iPad 2 introduced last year?

There are several key differentiators.
Higher resolution high-definition screen.
4G LTE wide area network connectivity.
Faster processor A5X chip.
Upgraded 5 megapixel camera with 1080-resolution for video with image stabilization.
New apps, such as iPhoto and updates to Garageband and iMovie. iPhoto is $4.99, while GarageBand and iMovie remain $9.99 each.

Is there anything that has stayed the same between the iPad 2 and the third generation model of the device?

The basic design and dimensions of the iPad are the same. The new iPad is less than a millimeter thicker than the iPad 2, which means most of the existing iPad 2 cases will fit the new iPad.
Battery life is consistent, with the iPad giving users 10 hours when on Wi-Fi and about 9 hours of use on a 4G LTE network.
Pricing and memory configurations are the same for the new iPad as they were for the iPad. The base model with Wi-Fi connectivity and 16GB of storage will cost $499, while the most expensive 4G version, with 64GB, will cost $829.

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