Why aren't we all raising honey bees?

Almost Eden

Golden Chicken
Why aren't we all raising honey bees and harvesting their honey to go along with our farming practices? We all need pollinators to be successful. I'm a florist who grows my own flowers. You would think that since flowers and honey bees go together that most flower farmers would also keep honey bees. That's not the case from what I've seen. Is there a downside to raising honey bees and farming?


Bean Stalker
I agree with you, but raising bees is not as easy as it seems anymore. Our hive experienced colony collapse. I never thought I would mourn the loss of insects, but bees are just so interesting, it was a shame to lose them. Bees are very vulnerable to pesticides, and although we're organic, not all of our neighbors are. Most of the bee keepers in our area lost their colonies. When we have time, we will try to get into bees again.


Farm Hand
I would agree and say that it is very hard to raise honey bees. I have some friends that are doing this. It is very interesting for sure! I've been over to watch them interact with the hives and honey.