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Kevlar flat belt
Kevlar flat belt is a kind of banded belt woven by Kevlar 3161. Kevlar flat belt is used for transporting glassware. Kevlar flat belt can resist 550 degree centigrade. Kevlar flat belt has high chemical resistance, such as acid and alkali.
Technical sheet
Brand: Xuanze
Model: FF60-G
Material: Kevlar 3161
Shape: Banded
WASSERMANN has been operating in the electric pump industry for more than twenty years. It is a company that is committed to study, to develop, to manufacture and to industrialized pumping systems.
We offer to the customers a big and s
Titanium plate
The Application of Titanium plate
1、Heat exchangers
2、Various types of corrosion-resistant equipment,
3、Textile machinery
4、Sporting equipment.
6、Power generation
7、Medical industry
The Specification Of Titanium plateTitanium sale
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Jining Lucan Textile Co.,Ltd was founded in 2017, It is a production and sale together, It is an Export-orisnted company. The products are mainly towels, bath towels, etc. mainly exported to Japan, Korea, Europe, USA and other countries.

Our Factory
We have 20 jacqurad looms in our factory, and there are 50 shaft looms in our
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Beijing Dongke United Technologies Co.,Ltd has specialized in top quality fine chemical products for over 10 years in China. We are an integrated enterprise which join research&develop,manufacturing,and trade.Our headquarter is located in CBD Guomao,Beijing,China.We have export and import business around world with nice reputation of TOP 3 Chinese M
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Zhejiang HongDa Group Dafeng Electronics Co.,Ltd. set up in 1988 and joined in HongDa group in 1998. Now have become one of the leading suppliers in the motor industry in China. We are centered on medium and small models AC electric motors with existing product including special motor of two-speed motor, explosion proof motor and so on.
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Fujian WIWO Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern science and technology company who professionally researches, manufactures and sells touch screen. Our factory is located in Zhangzhou national hi-tech zone Jinfeng industrial park in the west coast of the Straits Economic Zone. We are one of the main touch screen supporting manufacturers in
Bullet resistant laminated glass
Product description
Bullet resistant glass is also called bulletproof glass, ballistic glass, transparent armor, it is in fact laminated glass with high thickness which is particularly use to protect people or property from heavy struck or bullet penetration. Thickness of bullet resistant glass varies from 3⁄4 to
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Henan Armagh Machine Equipment Co.,Ltd, a professional company that engaged in a variety of machinery equipment and accessories sales Headquartered in China's crane town - China Henan Changyuan County Hoisting Industrial Park. The main produ
Believe me the name says it all. I have a New Holland TR70 that works fine for its age. 4 forward gears are good but using the shift pattern it want go into reverse. it shows shifting straight back from 2cd and twisting something to the right. can anyone tell me how to shift to reverse . the knob or shifter want turn right, is it a problem shifter or operator problem. Thanks