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    Raising snails for export

    I know snails aren't classified as livestock, but it's a living creature that can be cultivated for profit, so I figured this was the place to put it. From what I've read, most folks seem to consider snails an export crop. Is the market too weak in the US to sustain it? Is there a healthy...
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    Winged beans

    Has anyone here ever been successful with these? What's cool about them is that the whole thing is edible. I've tried planting them for the past three years, but they never so much as sprout. Any tips for getting them going?
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    Replacing strawberries

    I like the idea of trying a variety of plants, @Gardenry. I'll have to look into those ornamental peppers. They sound cool (uh, hot) but I've never seen them before. I might have to order them from a catalog.
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    Any plans to ring in 2021?

    My wife usually goes to bed before midnight, but we both stay up to watch the ball drop. That's about as exciting as it gets for us. I'm looking forward to 2021 too, @The Big Cowhuna. May it be a fantastic year for all of us!
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    I'm bored!

    Learn how to do something new. Try something useful like computer programming or something fun like square dancing. Get a dartboard and challenge yourself to hit the bullseye. Do you live alone? I really feel for the folks who live alone right now. I don't think I could go day and night...
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    Replacing strawberries

    I had a huge strawberry patch in my front yard that I've removed. What edible should I plant there now? What edible will thrive in similar growing conditions to a strawberry? I'm leaning towards rhubarb since it's also lovely to look at.
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    Neighbor kid allergic to strawberries

    Sorry it's taken me so long to reply, but I've been doing a ton of work in the yard thanks to my evil berries. So, the kid does have an EpiPen, but in the end, I sort of agreed to a compromise mostly because my wife didn't want to start off poorly with the new neighbors and she was genuinely...
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    Kids having hard time

    Some kids do struggle. Don't allow them to name the animals or give them nicknames or call them anything cutesy. If your kids do chores around the livestock, then make sure to rotate them out so no one becomes too familiar with the cows, chickens, or other creatures. That helps them from...
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    Decreasing humidity in the home

    It will probably help lower the humidity if you can run a dehumidifier in your basement for a while. Keep your bedroom doors open to increase the airflow a bit as well. 50% humidity is doable.
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    Bears in your area?

    No, and I would be horrified if I came across one because I could see my dog going after it if he thought the family was under threat. I bet it was a gorgeous beast though.
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    Irrigated agriculture

    I've thought about this conundrum and I'm afraid it will push the small to medium-sized farms out of the market altogether. The more scarce a resource is, the higher its price. Eventually, it won't be affordable.
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    Neighbor kid allergic to strawberries

    I happen to grow different varieties of strawberries all over my property. When the neighbor bought the house, they didn't know about the strawberries because they aren't as noticeable this time of year. The child is eight-years-old. The parents would like me to get rid of my strawberries...
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    Favorite side dish for Christmas

    My favorite side is mashed potatoes, but that's not at all exotic. Maybe they haven't tried hashbrown casserole or broccoli casserole. Those are great for potlucks. Actually, I don't think I've ever eaten a casserole that I didn't like.
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    Planting fall flowers

    I love hardy mums. They are so colorful and the blooms last for ages. Are you planning to pop them out of the pot first or are you just going to sink the whole thing into the ground? I planted mine earlier but I might get some more.
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    New on the site~~Hello

    I just joined too. I checked out several forums, but everyone here seems super friendly and helpful, so I signed up for this one. I like your interest in fighting pollution. What made you want to get into exotic spices rather than another crop? Do you have a favorite kind or combo?