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    Key differences in caring for cows and goats

    @RichZ, my husband and I want to say thanks for the help you've given us. You clearly put a lot of time and thought into helping forum members here and it's much appreciated!
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    Vitamix FoodCycler

    What do you guys think about the Vitamix Foodcycler? Does anyone here have one? From the product description it kind of sounds like a garbage disposal and compost bin rolled into one. I saw a demo at Home Depot today and it looked pretty nifty. I don't think I'd spring for one though.
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    Key differences in caring for cows and goats

    I'm leaning very heavily towards making the trade. Is there a best time of year to take on goats? Do they have to be milked every single day? Is it hard to find someone to buy just a few kids a year? I wouldn't keep all the kids or I'll wind up overwhelmed and I only need enough milk for my...
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    Key differences in caring for cows and goats

    I'm still undecided about trading in the dairy cows for dairy goats. What are some key differences in caring for them? Milking, feeding, breeding, housing, and waste management are some of the big factors I'm considering. If I take the goat route, I'll probably go with Nigerian Dwarf goats...
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    Minimizing food waste

    I can't think of the name, but I have a feeder that they stand on to access. Otherwise, it stays closed. It makes noise, but my chickens got used to it quickly. It won't work for chicks though. It will hold a few days of food and it deters waste.
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    Delivery and shipping fees

    Yes, but I don't have much control over the delivery side of things, since I use Uber Eats for that side of my business. I don't ship anything business wise. I used to, but it was such a hassle that I stopped.
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    How-to make box cake yummier

    @Petal to the Metal, some brands are worse than others when it comes to that, but spray them with some non-stick cooking spray next time and it won't happen again.
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    Frugal root cellar

    I wasn't quite sure what to title this thread. A frugal root cellar, a lazy root cellar, or I'm too cheap to hire help. Basically, I've got an old refrigerator that no longer works. If I bury it into the ground face up so that I can access the inside, would it work like a root cellar of sorts?
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    Going to put in vegetables too

    It sounds like you guys are going to be busy this growing season, @Gordyg. Sometimes that's when you have the most fun. I wish you both lots of success!
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    How-to make box cake yummier

    Homemade cake is utterly delicious, but box cake can turn out just as yummy (almost?) with a couple of tips. Box cake is usually mixed with some combination of water, eggs, and oil. Well, if you switch melted butter for the oil and milk for the water, your cake will turn out more flavorful...
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    Valentine's Day Plans?

    I think it's sweet that you guys take a trip to celebrate the day. It's too bad that it isn't working out this time. Maybe you could go camping or something like that instead. My husband and I have taken a lot of car rides since the pandemic took over our lives. It does the trick for the...
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    Delivery van or truck?

    Have you looked into working with Uber Eats instead? If I sold food at a work site or a popular neighborhood spot, I'd go all in with a food truck. But if I'm just delivering meals here and there, then I'd outsource the delivery portion. Why take on the cost of a new vehicle, maintenance...
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    Medicinal Garden

    I wouldn't call mine a medicinal garden necessarily, but I grow a few things that could be used for that purpose. Chocolate mint, lemon balm, and lavender come to mind. I'll have to give chamomile a try this coming spring.
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    How does no-till farming work exactly?

    I think it would be impossible to do on a farm with a lot of acreage. I appreciate the no-till movement and I understand how it helps the environment, but I don't think it would be cost-effective on a large farm.
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    Favorite sweet treat

    Do you reach for a candy bar, a bowl of ice cream, a piece of cake, or some other confection when you want something sweet? I'm partial to Snickers bars if I'm buying something off the shelf, but when I'm making it myself I go for cheesecake. You?