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  1. Another spike in virus, planting more?

    I don't want to take credit for something that I'm not doing. Although I work in the health care industry, I work as a health care regulator for the New York State Dept. of Health. So don't give me credit as a health care hero, I'm not one of them, but I do know something about vaccines.
  2. Another spike in virus, planting more?

    I work in the health care industry. The vaccine is going to take a while to test to determine if it's effective and safe.
  3. What will Biden do?

    As I've said before, though I am very political, I don't think discussing politics on this forum will do anyone any good. We all work to help each other. Discussing something that will be divisive won't help this forum.
  4. How do you deal with weeds?

    The best way is to prevent them as best you can. We use a lot of mulch and landscape fabric where ever we can. Puling weeks is miserable work, and we do not use herbacides.
  5. Another spike in virus, planting more?

    We are expanding our garden and getting more chickens for eggs. Covid is not going away anytime soon, it's best to be prepared for whatever happens.
  6. Profitable dairy farming

    Lots of planning, and you have to coordinate with your local dairy regulatory agency. Before I even started building my milk house, I brought my building plans to my regulatroy agency for them to review. No sense in building it, if it won't meet code.
  7. The most profitable livestock to raise

    There are LOTS of variable depending on your location and your individual property. Do you have pastures and housing for livestock? Do you have a water source? Do you have a food source? Do you have a source for a starter herd? Do you have a market? What sells best in your area? As...
  8. Raccoons causing havoc

    A good response is llamas. Llamas are outstanding guard animals, they will chase away any predators, including raccoons. and they become part of the herd. They love the goats, protect them, play with them, and even take care of the goat kids.
  9. Exercise plan help

    Having a farm is better than a gym. If you can stack hay, you can do anything.
  10. Farming and the holidays

    I don't think that's strange, animals are part of the family. We do that, too. Not only with our dogs and cats, but with our livestock, too, because we consider them all pets, as well.
  11. Farming and the holidays

    Especially dairy farmers. When I was milking goats, I had to milk them every day at 5AM and 5PM no matter what.
  12. Who honors their warranties?

    I did sell it. I put it in an auction and I put a note on it that the recoil was broken, but the mower had only been used a few times. I knew that someone who could replace the recoil themselves would want it.
  13. Who honors their warranties?

    They said the recoil wasn't part of the warranty. That's absurd, they're supposed to have the best warranty, but it's just not true.
  14. Who honors their warranties?

    The worst experience I had with a warranty not being honored was with a Honda lawn mower. We use a walk behind mower to do the trim around our house, which is a lot of mowing. We got tired of mowers only lasting a few seasons, so we bit the bullet and got a Honda walk behind, self-propelled...
  15. Sudden changes in temp

    I've never had any problems with changes in temperature with any of my livestock. I make sure they all have a good draft free barn to go into if they want to. I think that protects them from feeling the effects of sudden temperature changes.