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    City To Country

    Transition is not always easy. I heard people saying they want to have a more rural life but most likely they are not going to make it. City life is tiring so it’s normal to wish for a break but switching to a country life is an entirely different topic.
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    How To Move A Storage Building

    What kind of storage building you have? This is the question I have in mind when reading the post. The easiest is always getting someone to do it for you.
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    Some designing work

    I would love to but I’m not creative enough. Seems like it requires some knowledge about marketing even in designs. I’m also not good at colours. I guess I will hire someone to do it.
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    Best starter livestock

    Chickens are also the way to go in my honest opinion even though I haven’t raised any livestock yet. But they are easier to take care of when compared to other animals. It’s good for motivation, for starters.
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    Furniture for the cottage

    I usually have the furniture settled at the end. It also depends on how often you spend time in your cottage. I saw a lot nicely designed ones and basically you don’t want to leave once you are there.
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    I know some communities in my neighbourhood but I am not usually active in those communities. But it’s fun, indeed, to exchange news and ideas and such.
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    Fave podcasts?

    Thanks for sharing. I never thought of listening to podcasts during work. Usually I listen to my playlist of music. But looks like podcast is another way to go as well.
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    How are you doing this season?

    I am sorry to hear that! I think it’s important that we support each other and I am glad this forum exits. True that being grateful is important, it creates peace for our inner self as well. Currently I am renovating the summer house. Hopefully will get most of the work done this year.
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    Mistakes you've made with livestock

    My acquaintance has been talking how she has underestimate the costs and it was a tough time for her to go through with her farm. Also, I heard of problems with legal issues. But that’s really depending on where you live.
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    Restoring old furniture

    The choice of cleaner is quite important. If it’s too strong, it can harm the surface of the furniture. Mild ones should be good to go. Clean it gently and patience is usually very important if you don’t want to ruin anything.
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    Meat shortages

    Here we don’t seem to have shortage of meat. But I can understand the struggle. Every time when I go to the supermarket and see so many stuff haven’t been back in stock, I feel a bit sad.
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    Protecting Against Thieves

    I have never thought much about thieves. If people have time to plan to steal something, then I guess it’s more efficient for them to learn some skills. Skills are for long term.
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    Define Success

    This is an interesting question. I won’t think of if I am being successful or not usually. I just do what I want to do, like to do. If I achieve something, some of my goals, I feel satisfaction. But success is rather a big word in this sense. I just keep going, and push myself further to achieve...
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    What Time Is Dinner?

    I have 2 meals each day. 2 big ones I would say, one for breakfast and one for the afternoon. I call the latter one dinner as I don’t eat much after the second meal. I usually have it at around 4pm but still depends.
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    Face Masks As a New Source of Income?

    Interesting, I wonder how difficult it is to make masks. As I want to make some for my grandparents as well. I find disposable masks of one-time-use very wasteful actually. I want to make some masks that I can wash and reuse.