70 Year Overgrown Blueberries in the NorthEast


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I have these old horribly overgrown blueberry bushes on old farmland my family owns. These plants haven't been touched in maybe 12 years and some are 10+ feet tall/thick. My question is if i prune them now are they too old to produce? I'm assuming i will have to cut them all all the way back to produce anything in the coming years. Wondering if anyone has any experience with these things any help is very much appreciated. THANKS!!


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I would honestly think that you need to cut them all the way back. They have been laying dormant and not cared for for too long. You could always cut some back and prune the others to see how they do.

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Yeah, pruning something won't make it not grow anymore. If that were the case, rose bushes would be in trouble. I would start small though. Don't cut it all back right away.

It might be too late in the season though, depending on your location.


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Blueberry bushes produce fruit for around 50+ years, so if your bushes have truly hit the 70+ year mark, then they might be spent. I would go ahead and prune them anyway, just to see if it works. If you save the pieces that you cut off, you can easily root them in water or soil. They are easy to propagate. You want to prune them in late spring or early winter.
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I agree with the other's and I would try pruning them. It might not work but what do you have to lose? I would wait until later in the spring though. Well I guess we need to know your location.