Adding weight to a Disc


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Me and the misses are sort of new to all this. We currently have 20 acres that we are raising a small herd of Aberdeen Angus cows on. We need to improve the back pasture, and are in the process of disking, grating, and leveling, as well as adding drainage ditches, to plant better grass. Once I figured out how to adjust the angles on the disc, it works well. However, there are some low spots that do not disc easily. I have made several passes. Does anyone have any ideas on adding weight to the top of the disc to have it bite into the ground better? I know some disc's come with a ballast box, this did not. I have access to 2 railroad ties, wondering if that might work, but cautious about tieing them down, I don't want the loose ends to get caught in the blades. Thanks for the help.


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You could make a ballast and add it on if you'd like. I wouldn't use a railroad tie if you think it might damage the blades. What about using something like a milk crate and putting concrete blocks inside it? The crate would hold the blocks, so there shouldn't be any risk to the blades. You could make it as heavy or light as you needed. I hope you find a good solution.
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No matter what, I've never been able to get it perfect. I either leave it alone or go back through manually and fix it. I'm not a fan of the process.