Aggressive pig!


Farm Hand
We have eight pigs and one of them just started acting all aggressive. I would say it's been happening for a week now. We did just add three, we had five. The aggressive pig was one of the original ones. He isn't hurting the others but I feel like he is "pushy" and he tries to show us who the boss is. I want to stop this now before it turns into injury to us or the other pigs. Any tips or thoughts on this?

Almost Eden

Golden Chicken
Did you introduce them slowly so they could get used to each other before you put them in the pen? I've never raised pigs, but I think that's the standard piece of advice with all livestock. It's sounds like the behavior is just part of establishing a pecking order and your original pig is feeling territorial. I'd watch them, but if no pigs are getting hurt, then I'd probably leave it be.

The Big Cowhuna

Farm Hand
They do establish a hierarchy of dominance, but that's usually settled fairly quickly. Is this pig showing aggression towards humans as well? If you're using one of those circular hoppers you might consider switching to a feeding trough to help with the aggression.