Air Quality Partnership offers lawn equipment exchange program


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Just in time for the spring and summer mowing season, the Southwest Pennsylvania Air Quality Partnership, Inc. is offering rebates to Southwest Pennsylvania residents that exchange a gasoline-powered lawnmower and/or trimmer for a rebate toward the purchase of an electric or battery-powered mower and/or trimmer at 20 participating True Value stores in Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Fayette, Greene, Washington and Westmoreland counties.

In Greene County, the Dry Tavern True Value store is located at the corner of Routes 88 and 188 in Rices Landing.

?We are pleased to partner with True Value Hardware stores and to offer these rebates to our residents,? Betsy Mallison, Partnership Clean Mower Exchange Program Coordinator said. ?Residents have an opportunity to help mow down air pollution by replacing the gasoline-powered lawn equipment with an electric or battery-powered version that doesn?t produce volatile organic compounds that bake in the summer sunlight to produce ground-level ozone.?

Ground-level ozone affects everyone, but the young, the old and those with respiratory problems are most at risk. However, when ground-level ozone concentrations are unhealthy, particularly during Air Quality Action Days, everyone is at risk.

The Partnership is offering 300 rebates available on a first-come, first-serve basis, one rebate per household for a lawnmower and/or a lawn trimmer. Residents, at their convenience, may visit their local participating True Value Store to exchange the lawn equipment.

The purchase of the new electric or battery-powered mowers and trimmers must be completed by May 31 and the rebate information mailed into the Partnership by June 15. To claim the rebate, residents need to send a copy of a receipt, the UPC code from the product box, mower survey and the rebate coupon they received at the True Value Store. Should all of the rebates be claimed, the program could end before May 31. Residents will receive a $100 rebate toward the purchase of the lawnmower and $25 toward the purchase of the trimmer.

The Partnership will work with Evey True Value and Michael Brothers to drain the oil and gasoline and to recycle the equipment.



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