An innovative farm tool and it?s free


Harry Siemens ? Himanshu Singh and Kim Keller think and now know there is a much better place to store day-to-day information than in the preverbal shirt pocket or overcrowded chequebook. Farm At Hand is one of the latest innovations in farm management software and products, and the good thing for now, it is entirely free and available as an app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad tablet, or at, compatible with any computer and smartphone device.

Singh says what makes Farm At Hand different is the mobility and it is FREE for all users. ?Have the access to review and update information at any time, from anywhere,? he says. ?To keep a detailed and current list of fields including name, land location, and total acres. Update and track production activity such as seeding, spraying, and harvest, and many other activities.?
It appears this program, so easily accessible is a catch-all program making storing that info easy and without additional steps.
?What?s the serial number for the part on the combine? What were our combine settings on the last wheat field.? When?s maturity date on our contract with Richardson Pioneer,? are questions and many more like it that farmers ask themselves constantly says co-founder Kim keller. ?For now, we just want to get more people using the app,? said Keller. ?I?d really prefer to keep it free and find other ways to make it profitable. I don?t want money to be a barrier to using this.?

?We both brought together the 2 essential parts to do the project ? my farming experience and his software experience,? she says.

She says it?s basically a program that allows farmers to track all their production, activity, commodities and equipment. Her hope is it will increase their productivity and efficiency around the farm.
In regard to how the idea came about Keller says the idea for this product came from farming with her parents and realizing farmers need quick access to their information at all times.
Singh says there?s a sync button and it is not automatic and there is a specific mobile website for Blackberry and Android phones, not separate apps.

He says the other apps include a calendar to add and review farm activity for a specific date, a quick view option provides a list of the most recent activities, with a further option to view all activity for that date.
The commodity storage, or the virtual bin yard function keeps track of commodities in storage, information such as bin name, capacity, contents, sample information, date harvested and field identity is quickly available to review and update.
The equipment function lists equipment which the farmer can update and review at any time.