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@SadAnt - i develop and build with IoT devices, sensors, Apps to build smart solutions. I haven't done this in Ag yet, but is something i'd like to start to prototype. But like you, i need ideas (start simple),and lets build something awesome!

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@Henderson I'm in walking distance of about four different farms so I do pass them quite often, but really I think it's a shame we have starving people and then that got me thinking about food waste and how so much of our crops went to waste this year because of Covid.

Your posts on this lead me to believe that you want automation in order to streamline the whole process. That's not what automation is for. Even autonomous cars have "drivers" to monitor things. GPS enabled machinery streamlines that part of the process, but everything else jusy needs to stop being so micro-managed by the feds.

Streamlining everything to where there is minimal waste and a more efficient supply chain requires kicking the federal government out of that part of farming They are the ones making life difficult for people with their red tape, busy work and political reasoning for making farming decisions. No need to kick the regular workers to the curb in lieu of robots. This isn't their fault.


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@j_kraut I would love to build something with you! I have an idea for how I want it to work and a few sketches (poorly drawn) for certain crops that already have a simple process.