Barn cat hurt


Golden Chicken
He isn't friendly enough to put in the cat carrier, or I'd take him to the vet. He must've gotten into a fight or something because he had a wound that burst around his outer ear. Now it's raw skin. The entire back of his ear is exposed, and it looks painful. Would it be safe to put some antibacterial cream on it. He would be able to rub his paw on his ear and lick it off. I want to help him if I can.


Chocolate Milk Cow
If that's all you are able to do, try it. Is there any way you can wrap him in a towel and get him into a carrier? I've had barn cats get injured in a similar fashion, and they've surprised me by letting me put them in a carrier when they were hurt. Cats are smart and he might realize that you're trying to help him.