Becoming more common?

I haven't seen more farming going on than usual, but that's probably because I live in such a rural area of the Midwest. I've noticed that shopping local and buying directly from farmers has become trendy. It's been a big boon to my area.

Syd. L

You see a bunch of that in a town near where I live. Backyards, vacant lots used for small gardens. There's even a guy there who has a small yard and one goat. For whatever reason he wants the goat to be the one cutting, or eating the grass.


I don't think I've noticed more farming in particular, but like Pinewood Acres, buying locally has become a huge trend. Our local grocery stores always make it a point to let people know when they're selling produce that's locally grown.

Andrew T

It does seem like people are trying to grow more of their own produce and herbs these days. Even my friends and family who don't live on farms are trying their hand at growing things to use in their own kitchens. I think a lot of people want to get back to our roots.