Brucellosis in cattle


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Brucellosis is one of the most widespread zoonotic diseases that has rendered much loss to animal and public health and world trade. Brucellosis poses a threat of infection and economic losses in cattle. Brucellosis in cattle will cause the decrease in milk production, weight loss, loss of young ones, infertility, and lameness makes this disease an immense threat to livestock productivity. Its ability to spread rapidly and transmission to humans makes it more serious.

Bovine brucellosis is a disease that is responsible for mass abortions in cattle herds. Infected animals become a carrier and suffer harmful reproductive problems. It spreads through direct or indirect contact. The causative agent of brucellosis disease is Brucella that is localized in reproductive organs and then multiplies. Due to brucella infection, pregnant females can suffer abortion or stillbirth, and the newly born can die if the uterus is infected. Bacteria shed in cattle milk, through the aborted fetus, afterbirth, or other reproductive tract discharges. Male animals suffer from reduced fertility. Current managemental practices and herd structure allows endemic brucellosis.


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Thanks for sharing. Since it can also spread to people, dogs, goats, and pigs, it can really do a lot of damage on a farm in a short period of time. It can spread through raw milk. I wish people wouldn't drink the stuff.