Can a Case 1250 Planter and a 2330 Air Cart Run on One Pro 700?


Hey guys,

No better way to get going on joining the new forums than a real challenge for ya. We have been pulling an air cart behind our planter for a couple years now and have just updated to a new Case 1250 Planter. We are planning to pull our Case 2330 air cart behind the planter to apply dry fertilizer. It's been done before but here's where the real challenge lies. In the past we had to use two monitors (Pro 600 running the planter as well as a separate Pro 600 we leased to run the air cart). What we are trying to do is run BOTH the planter and the air cart through the new Pro 700 in our Case 340 tractor. Anyone have any input on how to make this work? Seems like only or the other will show up as far as the rate controller goes.

Thanks in advance!