Chainsaws - whats your brand of choice/fave model


Farm Hand
Good morning,

Everyones favorite power poster here looking to spark some discussion for a rainy Friday.

Nothing seems to set people off like brand "pissing matches" Deere/Kubota, Ford/Chevy, iPhone/Android...

So lets talk saws - what color is your fave, model of choice, brands you avoid, ect.

I get this isnt an "arborist site" - but farmers deal with saws all the time. Even many land/homeowners. Yes, needs are different - most of us dont NEED a 36" bar and a 100cc saw...

For me, I am admittedly biased towards Stihl - good product, big support network and its hard to find someone who hasnt owned/used one that has been around a saw.

I have nothing against Husq for example, just personal choice.

Preference - older Stihl (026 is top of the list of current wants - then a 028) and older Homelite super. Current stuff is good - but take one of these saws and a current mid level Stihl - run them side by side for 5 years and report back. I suspect you are goung to see better reliability out of the 30 year old saw.

New tech is designed to give better performance and reduce emissions - to things that typically are in direct contrast. As you boost one - you kill the other. Trying to do both has to directly effect something.

So what do you like/own/use and for what? Bonus points for photos.

Sam Carter

Farm Hand
I have always went to Stihl for my chainsaws. They are easy to work on. I have had to change the chains many times and it just seems like a simpler process, for me at least, than other brands.

Snow Farmer

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Husqvarna all the way. Stihl saws are well made, but I have always owned Husky, right now I have 5 of them, from a 30 year old 51, which I use mostly for limbing, bucking and small falling, an even older 61 I sometimes use for bucking, a 365 & a 372 I use for falling to a 5 year old 3120 I use on our home made sawmill.


Golden Chicken
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Like Husqvarna 350 also smallest Husqvarna make for small more need for speed at my age. ;)


Farm Hand
Stihl is all I go with they just seem to run forever with very few problems twenty years ago I had a husqvarna 51 I believe was the model number I would put it right up there with the sthils was a great saw my brother bought a brand new echo about a year ago twenty inch bar it has has been one problem after another mostly carb problems never would run right wouldn't idle right half the time one day I had to step in and stop him he was real close to beating it against a tree the clutch even went out of it .stepson had a new echo weedeater it also had carb problems he now has a stihl and very happy when I was growing up dad always bought the cheaper low end chainsaws he would spend more time working on them every time we went to the woods my cousin showed up one day with a stihl and dad was really impressed he went the next day and bought a new stihl he tossed the old one in a dumpster from about ten feet away.