Cucumber growers in MN? How about Organic Pickles?

Pickle Gedney

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Curious if there is any interest in growing organic cucumbers within a few hundred miles of the twin cities?

We would need to receive a minimum of about 400 bushels at a time. Pickling cucumbers would need to be sized, with small sizes having the highest value.

Just interested in doing a little exploration into the feasibility of this, and if anyone has had prior experience growing pickling cucumbers in the region.

Look forward to your reply,



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Cucumbers come in many shapes, sizes, and shades of green and it adds various kinds of flavor combinations. Pickling cucumbers are plump and crisp, which is suitable for eating fresh or to use for pickling. Pickling cucumbers are often smaller and that are widely available at most grocery stores.
But if you are deciding to grow cucumbers, then you need to take care of cucumber beetle which is the dreaded beast of cucumbers. They can feed on the leaves of the plants and can cause even greater damage. So, try to use effective insecticides or you can also take help of the pest exterminator who will offer tips regarding your cucumber plant.

Smarty Plants

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I hope you've found someone by now, Pickle Gedney. I can see a growing market for gourmet pickles so a partnership could turn out really lucrative. I hope you'll let us know how it goes.