Recipes Cutting carbs from Thanksgiving dishes

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Farm Hand
I usually host my family's Thanksgiving meal. I'm not on a particular diet, but I have family members who limit their carbohydrate intake and I try to accommodate that. Turkey is carb-free, so you don't have to worry about that so long as you aren't using a bunch of sauces and marinades. What really ups the carbs is potatoes and dressing. For most recipes, it's easy to substitute butternut squash in the place of sweet potatoes which have 30%-40% more carbs on average. No one notices the difference here. Of course, no Thanksgiving meal is complete without dressing. Use low-carb bread and add more bits of celery and onion than usual since these veggies have fewer carbs and you'll still get all the flavor.

That's how I cut some carbs out of my traditional Thanksgiving dishes. I'd love to hear your tips and tricks for getting those numbers down.


Farm Hand
Very interesting! I know that so many people are on that "keto" diet. I say eat what you want over the holidays.

What did you do for low carb pies?