CWB?s early delivery pool signup extended


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Citing technical delays from a "high volume" of farmers signing up on deadline day, CWB has extended the deadline for participation in its early delivery pool to noon, Oct. 2.

The high volume of online sign-ups had caused delays on Friday (Sept. 28), which was supposed to be the deadline day to sign up for the pool, CWB said Monday.

Beyond the new Oct. 2 deadline for the early delivery pool, CWB?s harvest pool remains open for farmer sign-up until Oct. 31.

After the harvest pool deadline, farmers? remaining options this year will be cash contracts through CWB or other grain companies.

The former Canadian Wheat Board noted it no longer offers subsequent "Series" contracts, which it had offered throughout the winter in previous years.

CWB also noted its new pools will pay protein premiums for every 10th of a percent of protein up to 14.5 per cent for Canada Western Red Spring (CWRS) wheat, "higher than most other available contracts in Western Canada."

"Because of CWB?s wide bands for deliverable protein and grades, its pools will pay the correct value for the actual wheat protein content that farmers deliver."