Deterring feather pulling

Urban Homestead

Golden Chicken
I just learned this trick. My chickens have enough space which is really the first thing you should consider. However, if you notice excessive feather pulling and you're sure their basic needs are met, then adding some entertainment can help distract them. Place some dead leaves in their run and scatter treats throughout, so they can pick/hunt for the treats. It keeps them busy and entertained. This is what worked for me and it didn't cost anything or take up a lot of time.


Farm Hand
I'll have to try that. I've never had an issue with feather pulling, but I bet my birds would enjoy a game of hunt the treat nonetheless.

Almost Eden

Golden Chicken
I'll try that sometime. Goodness knows we have enough leaves around here to use. My compost bins are overrun with brown matter at the moment. I have three little balls that have holes that dispense treats that I throw to the chickens sometimes. It's a hoot to watch them chase the balls and knock them around for treats.