Dirty Jobs? Mike Rowe on lamb castration, PETA, and American labor


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HS: Don?t take my word for it but Les Routledge who says this video is a must watch! This is an amazing video segment. Please move beyond the front end advertisement and list to Rob?s speech.

I have watched his Dirty Jobs show over the years, but now I have a lot of more respect for him because he has learned to respect what he has seen instead of making fun of it. Indeed, he has started to see that what is done in rural areas and ?dirty jobs? area actually well thought out.

Like Rob, I have spent the last 8 weeks working on a ?dirty job.? In my case, it is a farrowing barn. I too have learned instead of being judgmental, there are many reasons why the current hog production practice is in place and it is like the story Rob tells about the lamb that has been banded.

Comparable stories could be told about the hog farrowing system. While I can respect people?s objections to the current practices, but are the alternatives more humane?

To watch the video http://www.siemenssays.com/blog/7317.html#more-7317