Dressing out a pickup truck / thoughts - suggestions


Farm Hand
So went truck shopping recently and was floored by the price of new and even most late model used. Insane to see 40k stickers on “basic” 1/2 ton 4x4...now granted today’s base blows away anything from 20 years ago...but still.

So got me thinking - why not just dress out what I have....it’s not my daily drive, is 8 years old with 12k miles - so lots of life left, and maybe I will just grow to love it...and if not - tasteful, moderate cost upgrades will have cost no more than a year of payments if I keep it a year and don’t like.

First up - new radio, backup camera and remote start. Get a 8” screen - XM, apple car play and backup cam for under a grand installed.

That takes care of the tech I am missing and would get in a new truck.

Looks - thinking new all terrain tires and possibly rims. Needs new tires anyway - still has originals on it.

What else - lift/lower? Tonneau - topper

It’s a 6cyl - so doubt there is even a tuner...maybe cold air intake.

Bigger tires perhaps - will see if I can go 18 or 20 without a lift maybe.

Thinking 3 or 4K budget for now till I know if I like it for sure.


Bean Stalker
Yep some of these new pickup prices more than down payment on new house.
By the sounds pickup you have now I would keep and put 3-4K back into also keep it original