Drone Crop Spraying


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Has anyone used drones from aerial applications? If so, how much did it cost per acre and did it include chemicals?


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When it comes about sprayers:
  • It’s not that easy to have a good nozzle system without a very mechaninc-stable boom. It still easier to get the desired stability for it’s spraying system with those we have on heavy machinery.
  • In order to make the drone stable, you’d have to use a shorter boom than an heavy machinery can support. So, when using a short boom you’d have to make a bunch of refews on your reservatory and that would increase the time of an application and could even impact on it’s precision.
  • The wind is always a problem when you talk about spraying systems, and that problem getts bigger when you’re using any kind of flying machine.

I know it's the future, but it is always good understand the NOW limitations.


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The use of drones in agriculture is already taking place and many farmers have utilized to this extremely cost effective and useful technology. Today, most of the farmers have adopted the use of drones in their farms which is growing steadily.