Easy winter activity

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Golden Chicken
All you need is a white sheet of paper like construction paper or computer paper, a white crayon, and some watercolor paint. Draw a design on the paper with the crayon, then slowly begin passing over the paper with the watercolor paint, so your design is revealed little by little. Stop at regular intervals and let the children guess what you drew. Then switch and allow one of the kids to draw the design while you guess.


Golden Chicken
I'll try that one the next time I'm babysitting my neighbor's toddler. I think she'll get a kick out of it. Thanks for the suggestion. As my kids have grown older, it's like the creative side of my brain has turned off.


Farm Hand
I'll have to share that one with my wife. She is by far the crafty one at our house. I bet the kids will love it. I can see them trying it too. It might get a little out of hand with paint and the "littles".