Fiskars yard tools still made in USA?


Farm Hand
I bought a pair of Fiskars' scissors and the quality isn't the same as usual. I also noticed that they lack the orange handle that Fiskars is known for. I checked and sure enough they're made in China. I need some new loppers and tree pruners. I buy the pro version of Fiskars' products because they've always honored their warranty in the past and their tools are always easy to sharpen. However, I don't really have time to wait for my tools to be fixed. I have regular contracts to complete, and I need those tools to work in order to complete them. So, are their pro tools made in Finland, the United States, China, or elsewhere? I ask because reviews suggest the tools made in China aren't as durable and that was my experience with the scissors. I've asked Fiskars and didn't really get an answer. Does anyone know?


Farm Hand
I don't know where they are made now. It saddens me that the new ones you bought aren't as good. I've bought Fiskars' scissors for many years with no issues. They truly are or were the best brand in my opinion.


Golden Chicken
I think they're made in the US or Finland, but to be honest, if I contacted a company and they wouldn't give me a direct answer, they'd lose my business.