Fixing a cracked beak?


Farm Hand
FYI - duct tape is a generic name for the bright or dull silver foil tape used in HVAC. I see people argue all the rime depending on what region they are from on which is "correct"

Duck tape is a registered trademark for WATERPROOF (emphasis added) tape originally developed by Johnson and Johnson for field hospitals in WWII. This is why its called DUCK a duck its waterproof. It was green cloth to start - but now comes in almost any color - including silver.

GIs quickly discovered it was great for sealing up their ammo cans and keeping out moisture - and the uses kept evolving.

Duct is silver and used in HVAC, it contains foil and withstands temp changes well (hence its use on ducts).

Both are correct and in general people call it duct, but not all duct tape is waterproof. Its lile saying "google it" - there are still a few Yahoo users - but no one says "Yahoo it" for search...the trademark has transitioned to common use.

And none of this has anything to do with chicken. As to how to best prepare...personally I like pressure deep fried. But superglue works well too (and yes - Im aware of SuperGlu - the trademark name product).