Foot traffic and sales?


Farm Hand
How is the foot traffic at your produce stand, farmers market, or other selling location this season? Have you seen a boost in sales? I'm in Florida and things have finally picked back up here. We didn't embrace a full lockdown, but customer demand sure dwindled during the height of the pandemic. I wonder if it was access to the vaccine and a decline in COVID-19 cases or something else that got people buying again? I sure hope it lasts! Have things picked up for you?

Almost Eden

Golden Chicken
Having consistent store hours again, probably helped us. I worry though that the last stimulus check created the rise in demand as folks had more spending power. If so, it's likely to fade if the local economy hasn't recovered. I guess we shall see in time.


Farm Hand
Much better than in the past. I have noticed, ever since the pandemic started, that more people are opting for outdoor markets. It's gotten to be a habit now, so.......