Fully Automated Farming?

The Back 40

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Do you think that time will come? Or will automations like drones help with farming in areas traditional machinery can't reach?

What do you see in future?

Pinewood Acres

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I don't think farming will ever become fully automated. But even if it did, you'd still have loads of work, it will just look different. Instead of tending to plants and animals, you'd be tending to computers, algorithms, and equipment. Don't get me wrong, tech has its place and I've used some of the tools to help my production, but it's far from becoming automated. The tech itself requires my input and needs to be checked on frequently. Plus, there's only so much it can do. Farms aren't factories.


Farm Hand
I think we've reached the point where technology takes a lot of the guesswork out of farming, but we're nowhere near fully automating the process. If you think about it, keeping areas where traditional farming equipment can't reach is a good idea for our planet. Wildlife has to live somewhere and that will also allow nearby trees to reach maturity. Those areas probably lack some key "ingredients" to help crops thrive anyway.