Guardian Animal?


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I mostly see donkeys in northern Alabama area. Dogs that have gone rogue/feral are one of the problems that livestock owners have to overcome as there aren't many other large predators to pose a threat. While there are coyotes (and the occasional cougar or black bear) they tend to be a bit less of a problem.


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I have 2 Great Pyrenees, one male one female and a Kuvasz female. I live in Northern Ontario, Canada and we are surrounded by bears, coyotes and the occasional wolf. We have never lost any livestock (Goats, Horses, Alpacas) in the time we've had them. Wild animals go around our property instead of through. They follow the treeline around and we see a multitude of tracks in the snow. We have witnessed them beat the hell out of a very large coyote, that was later shot. The dogs were called off before it limped off. I love my dogs!